We are looking for the following:

Community Managers

Responsible for building and maintaining Aligned Social’s user base. Continue to monitor the feedback from potential, current and past users to maintain a positive public image

Content Creators / Influencers

Writing articles blog posts, and general buzz around Aligned Social’s mission and vision

Public Relation Specialist

Organize publicity campaigns and find media opportunities to promote Aligned Social’s unique mission

UX / UI Designers

Responsible for updating the front-end interface of Aligned Social to create a pleasant user experience, included but not limited to visual elements and layouts

ML Coders

Creating and improving the our AI software including designing software and predictive models, programs and algorithms

Data Scientists

Collect, organize and analyze data to continue to find ways to make Aligned Social an easier platform for users to interact with


Maintain accurate financial records, including account payable, receivable, payroll and reconciliations

Fundraising Specialist

Set up meeting with potential investors and donors while conveying Aligned Social’s mission and vision

Marketing Specialists

Brainstorm ideas for marketing campaigns, continue to build Aligned Social’s brand and analyzing current marketing trends

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