Create Your Experience

Choose your time commitment

Aligned Social encourages you to be intentional with your time. The last thing we want is endless doom scrolling.

We’ll help you achieve your goals and go back to your real life.

Login Experience / Soft Disengagement

With each sign-in, will be prompted to set a time limit and select goals for that session.

Accomplish what you want and then put your phone away.

Choose Your Feed Experience

What do you want to see on Aligned Social? You have the option to personalize your feed so you see what you want. You can emphasize:

  • People (your top 9 or circle, private to you)

  • Choices (people or businesses you’re aligned with)

  • ALSO (ALigned SOcial) - suggested/curated content

Align & Release Connections

Who you follow is your business. So when you align or release connections, no notifications are sent.

Ownership of Your Content

Aligned Social has a novel data policy. Your content is yours.

Your data will be stored in a Web3 wallet. You control the Web3 wallet with your data at all times.

If you decide Align Social isn’t serving your needs, we make it easy for you to delete all your content.

Chronological Newsfeed

We believe you should be in control of what you see.

Your feed will be based on recency and the people/content you have selected.

At Aligned Social, we aren’t selling you, we’re serving you. We are putting the social back in social media.

Subscription Model

Why does Aligned Social charge a subscription fee?

We’re glad you asked and think you’ll like the answer. We don’t want to show you charged content that gets you upset and increases your time on the platform just to sell more ads. We think that’s a bad business.

Instead, we want you to get content that soothes and nurtures you, so you can go offline and live your best life. A paid model also discourages spam and bots, the scourge of today’s internet.



  • For 5 years

  • Limited to the first 500 people

Social Entrepreneurship

Aligned Social wants to make the world a better place.

We make it easy to give back. Each month, we will donate 11% of membership fees to one of 5 non-profits, In the future, we’ll give Aligned Social members the ability to add additional worthy causes.

On a mission to change social media. A Better Way to Social.

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