The Executives

Meet Cassandra.

She is a trauma survivor, serial entrepreneur, mother of two, oh yeah… and a kick-ass Shamanic healer. Though her story is long, her purpose is simple: to heal the world. So where the heck does she get off starting a social media platform?!

Wait... Did we forget to mention her experience in technology and development at some of the largest companies? How about the full-service digital marketing agency she founded and has run for the past decade? Having built several successful companies from the ground up and exiting gracefully when the time was right, she is no stranger to the lifecycle of business.

It all comes together when intuitive Shamanic healing and serial entrepreneurship collide.

Cassandra’s vision for Aligned Social is a safe haven for people to post and connect without fear of being bullied, victimized, or canceled. She sees it as a place where mental health matters, a place where everyone is free to be themselves and hold their own values, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions.

Most importantly, she has the experience, expertise, and connections to make it happen.

Meet Poul.

After decades as an engineer and tech executive in the likes of Microsoft, TheTradeDesk, and Facebook, and a couple of startups, Poul took the next step in his evolution as the Chief Product Officer. His passions lie in defining and refining the user experience, software architecture, and building benevolent AI that will propel humanity to new heights. His expertise in Big Data, machine learning, data science, internet safety and integrity, strategic planning, mentoring, and cross-discipline consensus building, will serve as a solid foundation for reimagining social media that will be genuinely good for all of us - by design.

Poul has delivered critical large-scale projects with deep technical expertise, architectural vision, and ability to synthesize technology, product, and commercial considerations. Known for identifying problem spaces, devising sustainable solutions, mobilizing initiatives, driving execution, and achieving business outcomes. Natural leader and creative thinker who assumes ownership, communicates simply, orchestrates through ambiguity, and resolves complexity with astute analytical skills. Pivotal player in highly sophisticated strategic work, championing customer-focus, quality, and team-building with pragmatism.

Outside of work, Poul is also a painter of a somewhat surrealist kind.

Meet Kaylin.

She is an anxiety-slaying, recovering type-A, mother of two, and a psychology guru. Homegirl has a deep passion for people and can really nerd out on what makes humans human. This combination has supported her in healing some deep wounds of her own and has since birthed a profound desire to help normalize the conversation around mental health.

As an early adopter of social media, Kaylin knows how helpful it once was at fostering genuine connections during its formative years, and has therefore experienced the draining mental game that it has become. Because of her formal education, she has a firm understanding of social media’s power over its users' mental health.

Kaylin sees Aligned Social as an opportunity to help people become more authentically themselves and remove the pressures of presenting their lives in a ‘picture-perfect’ way, making space to simply LIVE. This platform will allow people to build genuine connections with others near and far.

Meet Jade.

She is a cult-escaping, trauma-surviving, single mother of four. She also happens to be an extremely knowledgeable astrologer whose life purpose is to see people… Like REALLY see them as they’ve never felt seen before. She has a gift. We dare you to spend an hour with her and NOT love her (and yourself even more) afterward. We think it’s impossible.

Jade is a jack-of-all-trades and as scrappy as can be. Give her a goal, and she stops at nothing to see it through to completion. Her tireless determination together with her innate desire and ability to meet people where they are is what motivates Jade to build Aligned Social into the social network people need.

Jade understands the importance of mental health, not just for our youth, but for all people, and wants to build a platform that fosters an environment where mental health can flourish, and all humans feel free to speak their mind and share their passions.

Meet Tom.

Tom is a firm believer that the devil is in the details and works diligently to ensure the wrinkles are ironed out of every project he touches.

He is passionate about maintaining compliance standards and has built a vast understanding of it through his tenure in the regulatory real estate marketplace. A straight shooter with incredible attention to detail, Tom strives to get things done right the first time and his determination shows that any ambition can be reached.

While not at work, Tom can be found outdoors, keeping bees, gardening, hiking, or spending time with his family. He is prepared for any scenario with his quick wit and a tube of Neosporin on hand at all times. Tom is a well of {useless} information and a Jeopardy ace.

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