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Meet Aligned Social.

What brings you to social media today?

Have you ever consciously considered what you’re seeking from the experience?

The influential power of social media runs deeper than living advertisements; it’s impacting our mental health and overall wellbeing, and things aren’t looking good.

Aligned Social is the solution, taking the “media” out of social media (and putting the “me” back in)!

Aligned Social uses wellness-oriented technology to guide individuals in setting their own intentions and curating their ideal social media experience. The goal is to give the power back to the people, encouraging embodied decision-making not only in the digital world but bringing that awareness back to reality.

Choose your own adventure with Aligned Social. Go with the flow of the seasons and tailor your social media interests to change with you.

Great people can build great things when they are empowered to do so.

This is what we’re doing at Aligned Social.

Aligned Social is a brand-new social networking platform about to hit the market.

Our goal is simple but multifaceted: to disrupt what social media has become and uplevel the original intent.

As you can see, you can’t do that by just changing a handful of characteristics and giving it a new name.

We’ve had to burn down what social media has become to propel us into the future of what it could be.

Aligned Social is based on these areas of value.

Reimagining Connection

Connection is a vital piece of the social media puzzle. From finding new people with like-minded visions or gathering friends you’ve had for ages who might have differing viewpoints, growth and expansion require coming together in community.

We encourage you to “align” and “release” with individuals and businesses as you see fit - a softer approach than ‘unfriending’ someone who doesn’t align with your needs.

With a chronological newsfeed, you can be sure never to miss a post of someone or something you want to see. Your experience is based on the intentions you chose for the day so your content reflects the mood you’re in at the moment, not outdated information from the last time you logged in. You’re a different person today; embrace it!

Redefining Wellness

Embodiment and intent are key features of mental health. When you log into Aligned Social, you must check in with yourself, from the content you’d like to see to the amount of time you wish to spend on the platform.

We are hiring a team of licensed mental health counselors to support you; more on that to come… but it plays into our zero-bullying policy.

Instead of using data to keep users mindlessly scrolling for hours at a time, we analyze it to improve your wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

Rewiring Technology

We have created AI that works with you and for you, instead of exploiting you. We will know we succeeded when you want to stay on the platform to contribute to the culture, are able to limit your time online, and return to the physical world a more conscious version of yourself.

AI doesn’t need to be a threat when it’s programmed with healthy intentions. With our revolutionary wellness-oriented technology, we use the following filters to teach our AI what to recommend to our users: “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"

You are in control of your algorithm, curating the content you consume and programming your experience to match your intentions. We don’t pretend to know what you want to see and when; it’s all there for you to peruse at your own pace.

Beyond Social

Aligned Social’s wellness-oriented technology provides a trustworthy network of services, suggestions about events nearby, advice on mental health, and resources for finding wellness professionals, all tucked away in a handy toolbox if you choose to seek them out.

Making your life easier is part of improving overall wellbeing - a wellness-oriented social media app is the ideal foundation for connecting applications like scheduling services and appointments, fundraising and charities, etc.

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